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​​At Meredith Branch, LLC we understand, and have some helpful ways to work through your individual situation. Give us a call to see how we have recently helped some of your neighbors remove the stress that comes with selling their house!  We have the ability to Pay Cash, which means you don't need to spend any money on repairs. Our experienced legal team can quickly and efficiently process the purchase within your time frame. We also may be able to help work through a; pre-foreclosure, short sale, or delinquent tax problem, and help save your credit rating!    






Size and condition are never an issue. We are always in the market to purchase your house, and want to work with you to develop the best plan for your individual situation.

Whatever your situation may be:

Are you currently experiencing one of these​​​​​​ situations?
Wanting out of a rental
Overwhelming Repairs
Short Sale
Short on Cash
Inherited A Project
Multi or Single Family

Some folks just don't know who to turn to in these situations, and we want to make it known that we may be able to Help!

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